Online Learning Academy

School with over 10 years of experience in the business
About us

School for online language learning

Our school was founded in January 2020 after a year of collecting materials. Everything here evolves around teaching English at the right way. The lecturers have a TEFL diploma and years of online and real classroom experience. Currently we have 6 teachers who are focusing on every day classes and 5 who are working on weekends. We assign teachers to the proper age of a student and their level of knowledge.

Our teachers are working remotely, from different parts of the world. We don't wish to keep our teachers in one place, like the office, but instead we encourage them to work from their home, or any other place where they will feel realxed and from where they can provided the best learning experience for our students.

about our students

Learning English for everyone

When it comes to our students, anyone can be that. Our students come from all over the world and the age is no problem. Our students have an option to do the demo class with teachers and choose the one they like the most. Our classes are also tailored for adults, people from different working backgrounds.

We have classes that are focused on business aspect of English, which means we help students who are employed to improve and practice their English in regards to their job. We also provide corporate English classes for companies from all over the world. Our students can have as many classes as they wish, when they wish, during the whole week.